Once upon a time I worked at mind-numbing,
soul-crushing job. But at that job, I had access
to the company's intranet. And within was the
company's media archives. Thousands of pictures
of contrived situations and uncomfortable poses
all ready to be harvested for marketing at a moments
notice. This is where I found my access to sanity
in the ultra-corporate world. I gave those pictures
the life they deserved!

        I welcome you to assist me in my efforts to
breathe life into that which may be lacking. Send
me your pictures yearning to be free and let loose
those words aching to see the light of day! Please
submit pictures to:

        If you have a picture and you think you
have the right words for the job, you can use the
SayWhat speech bubble generator! The SayWhat
speech bubble generator can be found at

Note: The SayWhat speech bubble generator is not
related to BubbleSayWhat.com, it's coincidental that
they are named similarly. The link to the generator
is used with permission.

The Blah Blah text:

        Pictures submitted become property of
bubblesaywhat.com, but I will give credit to the
sender of the picture unless instructed otherwise.
The pictures on this site cannot be used by anyone
else for commercial gain. You may redistribute these
pictures, but please host them yourself. Please do
not hotlink. This site is just for fun. If you see a
picture that you own on this site and you are
concerned that you don't want it here, please smile
and enjoy the soul's right to parody. If you don't
enjoy parody, have your lawyer write up a cease and
desist and I will be happy to cooperate.